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for 30 Years

The MWA Group, consisting of various Financial Departments, has been operational since 1988.  During the past 30 years, our team has embarked on acquisitions, associates and alliances, which have further enhanced our services and intellectual capacity.  We intend to proceed with this strategy.


The MWA Group started off as Financial Advisors (Mariekie Willemse & Associates) and we had to expand our Financial Services gradually and had to operate independently, in order to render an impartial financial advice and intermediary service for our Clients, Community and other Associates.


We purchased our own office block in October 2002, and expanded our building, where we still are situated today, where the comprehensive Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services are offered to our clients and potential clients.


There are a few stakeholders that are permanently employed by the Company.  This ensures a personal stake in the success and continuous improvement of the types and quality of services provided to clients.  The Company and Associates have a large staff compliment and specialist Key Account Managers specializing in our various Financial Departments.


The various Financial Departments consists of:


  1. Financial Advisory Department

  2. Fiduciary Services/Administration Department

  3. Short Term Insurance Department

  4. Health Care/Medical Aid Department

  5. Tax/Accounting Department

  6. Debt Review Department

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